torsdagen den 21 augusti 2014

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Ashwin, Annemarie and Helena.

Project: CES ringing at Vallen.

Weather: Cloudy in the early morning, it rained  a little and not for a very long time, but enough to disturb the ringing session.

Few captures at Vallen (53), poor numbers for the best station here in Kvismaren. But in the last it was exciting because we could see a White-tail eagle really close to us and in the last minutes we caught the first Barred warbler of the season (first in my life too).


Today´s captures:

onsdagen den 20 augusti 2014

Staff: Ashwin, Carlos, Bruno, Helena and Annemarie


Weather: Cloudy morning with less than 20 degrees, only small wind. 

CES-Ringing: Today our catches were dominated by Barn Swallows. Carlos put up playback and it took only 5 min and the net was filled with nearly 40 Barn Swallows. Also, we attracted 3 Nuthatches with playback to the net. In the afternoon we set up some nets close to our Bird observatory in order to catch White Wagtails and Barn Swallows.

tisdagen den 19 augusti 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena and Annemarie.

 Project: Ringing program CES.

 Weather: Cloudy morning at Banvallen, just one hour of sun at the beginning of the session. It was rainy and windy in the afternoon.

In the ringing session we caught 49 birds of 13 different species. 40 of them were new ringings and 9 recaptures.

The summary of today is:

Tree pipit 1

Thrush nightingale 1

Sedge warbler 6

Marsh warbler 1

Reed warbler 9 + (1)

måndagen den 18 augusti 2014

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Helena and Annemarie.

Weather: Rain, rain and more rain.

We woke up at 3:45 and it was raining, we tried again at 5:00 and at 6:00 but the it continued raining. Finally the rain stopped at 7:00, to late to try ringing at Banvallen, so we decided set 6 nets around the observatory. We captured:

2 Blue tit

8 Robin

2 Marsh tit

11 Great tit


We hope tomorrow the weather will be better.

Until tomorrow


lördagen den 16 augusti 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena and Annemarie

Weather: A rainy morning, better in the afternoon. Temperatures were between 14º and 20º Celsius.

CES-Ringing: We woke up without rain, but few minutes before to leave home started to rain.  We waited for 1 hour because of the weather forecast but rain didn’t stop. So we decide to come back to bed and afterwards we spend the day doing office work.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.



fredagen den 15 augusti 2014

Staff: Kieran, Carlos, Bruno, Helena and Annemarie


Weather: Today the weather has been mainly overcast with sunshine breaking through now and then. The temperature has been around 18 degrees with little wind (1 m/s).


CES-Ringing: This friday it has been quiet with 69 caught birds. Hoiwever, Goldcrest and Spotted Flycatchers were nice catches.


Species             New                 Retrap             Total

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