Årsmöte 2015

Föreningen Kvismare Fågelstations årsmöte kommer att hållas i Klockaregården, Norrbyås, lördagen den 28 mars 2015 klockan 10:00. Alla medlemmar är välkomna!

fredagen den 24 april 2015

24th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO

Projects: Marsh Harrier and Hooded Crow and Raven

Today we spent the morning looking out over Fiskingemaden and from the platform the Harriers were much more active than on our last visit here. We managed to confirm one nest and have our suspicions about a second.

torsdagen den 23 april 2015

23rd April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO

Weather: Another warm day but strong wind

Projects: Nest boxes Sörön and Hooded Crow and Raven

In the morning we walked around Sörön and checked all the nestboxes. 16 boxes were occupied and there were eggs in one. Some nestboxes were laying on the ground and one we couldn´t find at all. When we opened one of the nestboxes a nuthatch flew out.

måndagen den 20 april 2015

20th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO

Weather: Warm and sunny all day, very pleasant.

Projects: Marsh Harrier and Hooded Crow and Raven

Marsh Harrier;
We spent the morning observing the Harriers from 2 positions, Fiskingemaden platform and the bank at Västamarden. Unfortunately the Harriers seemed to be more interesting in feeding than nest building this morning and no further nests were located. We can hypothesis that there is probably 1 pair in the area around Västamarden. Hopefully we will be able to confirm this soon.

söndagen den 19 april 2015

19th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO, BNN

Weather: Cold morning. Sunny and hot day but occasional gusts of wind.

Projects: Marsh Harriers, Hooded Crows & Ravens

Marsh Harrier nest finding from Åslaholmen in the morning. Lot of harriers in the area and 4 confirmed nests found but there will be more of them. One crow nest also found in the morning. After the Marsh Harriers BNN and DWE were doing crow and raven nest finding. DHO guided at Öbystugan. In the afternoon BNN left.

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